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CCC 2015 outlook update

Thursday 12th February, 2015

CCC’s Energy group is preparing for a dynamic 2015.  The Alberta Oil Industry is in the midst of another cycle where global oil prices are making a supply and demand adjustment. 

According to the CAODC (Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors), the number of active drilling rigs in service is expected to decline from an average of 370 per day in 2014 to 203 in 2015 (-41 per cent). Fleet utilization is also expected to drop from 46 per cent in 2014 to 26 per cent in 2015.

“The new reality of $55 oil means that the entire industry will hurt for a period, and drillers and service rig contractors are not immune to that,” said CAODC President, Mark Scholz. “We have been through rough patches before and come out strong on the other end, and I’m confident that we will do that again, but right now, that’s going to involve buckling in.”

The recent rapid decline in the global pricing of Oil is continuing to leave its impression on the marketplace and there is now immense pressure on service and supply companies to cut costs and find alternative ways to keep the profit margins present, even though recent cuts and currency pressures have been evident.

According to Kelly Morrison, PSAC VP of Communications, on a provincial basis for 2015, PSAC now estimates 4,187 wells to be drilled in Alberta, down from 5,740 wells in the original forecast. Approximately 25 per cent fewer wells are also expected to be drilled in British Columbia, with PSAC’s revised forecast now at 415 wells for the province down from 555 in the original forecast. The revised forecast for Saskatchewan now sits at 2,679 wells compared to 3,365 wells in the original forecast, and Manitoba is forecasted to see 364 wells or a decline of 66 in well count for 2015.

The effects of the current situation in this downturn have sent ripple effects all across Canada, not just in the Energy Sector.  Furthermore, how long this downturn will be in place is yet to be determined.  Although all Canadians may appreciate the dollars that they are saving at the gas pump, the negative impact on investments and other industries including the government coffers remains a growing concern.

CCC at the REMTECH symposium

Tuesday 27th January, 2015

REMTECH is the premier remediation technology transfer event for environmental professionals, encompassing the latest innovations in soil and groundwater remediation.  At CCC we know that, to remain the leader in our markets, we always have be on top of “what’s going on”, including any new technologies that could be of interest to our valued customers. We assisted the REMTECH symposium in Banff in the Fall of 2014, where it was a great opportunity for us to meet with the people in the industry and to learn about the latest trends. Considerable work is conducted in the field of contamination remediation and industrial pollutant treatments, and CCC supplies the products for this industry. Please contact CCC for soil and groundwater remediation solutions. 

REMTECH is an annual event requiring our presence.  Please take a look at the REMTECH webpage for more information.  We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in 2015.


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Our Leduc operations are expanding!

Tuesday 2nd December, 2014

At CCC, we are growing and improving. We are celebrating our success with even better infrastructure at our Leduc facility:

  • In order to better serve our customers and deliver products in a faster and more efficient manner,  we have added 5 rail size storage tanks (increased from 1 tank) for a total of 6. Now, our railcars are arriving more often and we are able to store more material (25,000 gallons storage capacity outside). This allows us to increase productivity, speed of delivery and availability of product in Western Canada.
  • We have 2 new truck bays, for incoming and outgoing bulk.  Customers may provide their own products for Leduc to blend on their behalf, or customers may purchase CCC products for a blend.  A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed to ensure the exclusivity of our customers' special formulae. There is more room now as we have added to our infrastructure a new 30,000 sq. ft. non-flammable warehouse. This is in addition to our 40,000 sq. ft. flammable warehouse and production facility. We have improved flammable warehouse racking in order to store even more flammable material, provide more efficient service and result in shorter lead-times. Now, we are able to blend faster and more efficiently.
  • We have improved the speed of our service by having 2 tankers that can work at the same time (compared to 1 truck unloading before).
  • In 2014, our staff at the Leduc facility grew as we have hired 2 more blenders (for a total of 6 blenders) and an additional forklift driver.
  • In 2015, we will expand our Leduc lab and add more blending capacity. There will be also an office expansion.